Description of chores

Dinner table crew
  • Leave 20min before dinner and put table cloths on the tables; wait at the entrance of the cafeteria for the first group to appear and then begin swiping cards
  • At the end of the week, wash table cloths
Flats fields crew
  • Meet with Adam Rengstorf after dinner on Wednesday to go up to Etscorn Observatory in order to acquire flat fields
Weir/Cramer clean-up crew
  • Clean the white/black boards in the computer labs and study room
  • Clean white/black boards at the end of lecture and if requested during lecture breaks
Driscoll clean-up crew
  • Clean up the common areas in Driscoll on a daily basis (wipe boards, order chairs, etc.)
  • Eventually, use the broom to clean up dirt
Speaker introduction/reception/field trip crew
  • Very briefly present the speaker’s biography; then talk a little bit more about the speaker’s research in the morning lecture of the day of the guest speaker’s talk
  • Assist the Site Director with setting up the reception for the speaker
  • Assist the Site Director with loading water and lunch boxes into the bus for field trips on Tuesdays 20min before departure
  • Bring cooler boxes back to the cafeteria in Fidel on the day after the field trip
Saturday Movie Night crew
  • Organize movie poll for the students to vote on the movie for half of the weekends
  • Only movies rated less than or equal to PG 13
  • Create shopping list for Walmart, including drinks and snacks
  • Set up upstairs area in Driscoll for movie night (snacks, couches); confer with Lindsey for logistics
  • Clean up after movie

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