June 22

Summer Science Program, while only in its third full day so far, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve participated in. I first walked into lecture unsure of myself, confused about astronomy, and nervous for the future. Nothing has really changed. But in these short days I’ve discovered what it’s like to truly struggle in a completely foreign area to me, but also what it’s like to work with others just as confused as I am to try to understand what’s going on. SSP has introduced an element of teamwork I never knew I desired, almost needed so much. On Wednesday 6/22 we were lectured by the energetic Dr. Andersen on vector calculus and introduced to Python by Aaron. I’ve had experience with Python in the past, but applying my knowledge to astronomy is a new test. Later tonight I will go on my first observatory run – my group of Annie, Abby, and I (nicknamed “The Galaxatives”) are tracking asteroid 1972 XA. We hope that we’ll be able to take high-quality pictures of our asteroid so we can parse data and eventually be able to write software that will determine the orbit of the asteroid. Until then, I’ll keep struggling through this Astro 1 p-set (3c is a nightmare!) and hope that everything works out alright.



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