June 23

The Summer Science Program has been so far greatly satisfying. Not just because of the extremely interesting lessons and because of my first thrilling observation I had yesterday (the clouds were a bit less thrilling), but especially because I have found a group of peers from whom I can actually learn new things, and collaborate in a constructive way.

This first week was also greatly challenging and tiring but, as I would say, painfully awesome. In fact for the first time in my life it is not me dragging all the other students and, for once, I am being stimulated to my limits. Back home in Roma I take eleven forced subjects and don’t have the opportunity to experience a full immersion in such depth and sharp focus of all my loved subjects (today we started physics, my favorite!!). At SSP I have found the environment just ideal for its purpose, no distractions,and no tasks involving something that is not what we are studying; just this week I have absorbed (hopefully) more high level information than ever, exactly what I was expecting from the program.

Looking forward to more of this and hoping the best for my next observation, I indeed have to say that this first week here really flew by. (as I hope I will fly through my astro 2 problem set, which I haven’t even started yet with all the things we had to do ☺).

– Albi


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