June 24

Red flashes across my screen.


The perpetual squint of reading the pitiless courier font on the constantly freezing screen makes me want to calculate the rate of change in altitude of my computer out the window. (Although, according to Dr. Anderson, weight isn’t real.)

I copy and paste my “wrong” code in StackOverflow in desperate hopes that some other poor soul has encountered my struggle. Oh great! There’s an answer and it only requires 12 imports! Problem solved. (Of course now the TA’s are nowhere to be found.)


As I wait, I finally have time to reflect on my time so far at SSP. We are all confused. Our understanding of astro is as hazy as the blankets of clouds that obscure our asteroids. However, we trust that there will be clear days when the light will finally come through.

Enough profundity.

The TA’s are here.

*Disclaimer: This was written by a sleep deprived, food deprived, asteroid deprived primate after midnight (not solar midnight).



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