Eighth Day

The daily cycle has settled fairly well. The walk from Weir to Driscoll in the late hours of night—or early hours of the morning—is less intimidating. Perhaps each of us is less aware of the darkness than the approximate when the sun left our horizon.
The classes cover the most interesting material. My inclination is towards math/physics and programming, and although astronomy is much tougher, I still gravitate towards the topic. I unearthed Turtle graphics skills from middle school to complete a hangman program and integrated knowledge from Calculus for math/physics.
Apart from the material, the combined eccentricity of our personalities has created an interesting social dynamic. Although there are clusters of students, each of us has spoken to every other, whether that was an intellectual or playful conversation. We overcome cockroaches, tackle the isles of Walmart (on Wal Street), and imagine the celestial sphere together. If you saw us working together, you’d think that our first week was in units of a Martian week. I have experienced other academic summer camps, but this program is much more rigorous, much more focused, and much more inherently captivating than the others.



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