June 27

When I came to SSP I expected to be busier than I have ever been, barely sleep, and be blown away by the amount of work I will have accomplished after just 5 short weeks. If you ask any other students, you can verify that this assumption was pretty spot-on. What I didn’t expect, however, was to meet other students who have already made my first week of SSP unforgettable. I thought SSP was a place where I would be super stressed and constantly worrying about homework, but while there is a lot to do, what I never realized is that there are also a lot of people at SSP who are willing to sacrifice their time to help me. In the past week I have studied so much that I wanted to cry, laughed so much that I wanted to cry, and seen so many cockroaches that I wanted to cry. In case you couldn’t tell I’m a little emotional. The great thing about being at SSP is that even though I feel like crying all the time, I’m surrounded by friends who I can wallow in misery and eat kale chips with. In all honesty though, wallowing in misery with friends can be pretty fun, don’t you think?

-Daniel M.


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