June 28

What a day. On Tuesday, June 28th, SSP went on a field trip to see the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the National Solar Observatory, and the White Sands National Monument. We had a great time touring the research facilities, and then ended the day by sand sledding on the New Mexico dunes. Though many memories were made today, the SSP students have yet to sight the most mysterious desert creature of all: the infamous vinegaroon. Alex Moser, our resident vinegaroon expert, recommends this video for information on our elusive friend. 

Even more treacherous than the idea of never spotting a vinegaroon is the looming threat of dehydration. Many SSP students are unaccustomed to New Mexico’s elevation, and are therefore prone to headaches. To make matters worse, our lectures have moved from the ambient elevation of 1st floor Cramer Hall to the perilous 2nd floor summit. Fortunately, the crafty young teens have devised new hydration incentives to keep everyone healthy. Here at SSP, we are lucky to have access to water in the first place: from all appearances, the majority of New Mexico’s water supply goes to watering the NMT sidewalks. The labyrinth of perpetually flowing sprinklers offers the SSP students an exciting challenge in our our daily navigation of campus.

Even though we have only been at SSP for a little over a week, I have learned so much. I can’t wait to continue my studies here in the coming weeks, and I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for all the vinegaroons in the world.


Above: the SSP students demonstrating their knowledge of the right hand rule on the sand dunes.
Finally, I will continue the age-old tradition of Facebook find of the day with a classy yet intriguing photo of our very own Rahul, Hollister model:




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