June 30

One room. Two girls. Three problem sets. Sixteen alarms.

The day begins at 6:30, when the light through the window becomes a frenetic bashing on the front door of our brains. Don’t worry, we’d never get up that early. We burrow our heads under our pillows. An unfortunate side effect- reduced ability to hear our first fifteen alarms. But at 8:10, we roll our bodies onto shaky feet and make our way to breakfast. Unusually yellow eggs are saved by copious quantities of wiffy hot sauce. The Lucky Charms dispenser is broken- I call this symbolic.


We meander our way across the cafeteria to the SSP seating area and join our comrades. By 8:40, we’re done eating. We prepare ourselves for the temperature shock between the great outdoors and the lecture hall in Cramer and settle in for the ride. Three hours later, we’ve filled up pages and pages with notes. Seven hours later, after our second lecture, our minds are overflowing with knowledge.

We have a 1.5 hour break between second lecture and dinner. Many of my fellow comrades spend this time in Weir’s computer labs, cranking out problem set after problem set. I napped to the soothing sounds of Hamilton: shoutout to Abby the napping buddy. At 5:15, the collective camp gives a great leap and begins a mad race to the dorms. The eternal dilemma of what to wear to dinner commences. By 5:30, we’re gathered in our common room, feeling newly spiffy. A fresh start. A blank state. We’re basically reborn into brand new people. By the end of dinner, an expectant hush falls across the room. We crave our daily updates on Germany, Mathis’s hygiene, and the Eurozone, courtesy of our very own Einshtein. Once announcements are over, the daily sprint for computers that don’t freeze begins. Work continues late into the night, as we collaborate, help each other, and beg for the TA’s help. The corridor outside the TA Tavern turns into a veritable waiting room, as we seek the panacea to all our ills. Somehow, we get our work done and trundle back to our beds. Honestly, it’s a madhop dash, through the obstacle course of cockroaches and dangerous ants.

Don’t worry, our days are not as stressful and busy as they may seem. We catch moments of hilarity and fun throughout the day. My roommate (Rosita) and I practice our talent show routine (synchronized leg lifts) in the morning. Frisbee, swimming and soccer occupy some evenings. Walmart trips are great forays into the outside world, and field trips are bundles of fun (even after the TA’s betray us and tell us it’ll be hot. Turns out mountaintops are not hot, even in New Mexico). The common rooms are filled with music all day, and late night strolls with friends are a guarantee of lifelong friendships to come. Even on the cloudiest of nights, the brilliance of camp is clear.

As our blood sacrifice for cloudless nights, I present the latest Facebook Find of the Day. I am proud, ladies and gentleman, to have here with us our very own Alex M. 


-Annie Y.


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