A Letter to June 19th Me

Hello me who is 2 weeks younger,

I’m going to keep this short.

  1. Read the handbook. I mean, REALLY read it. Because coding? HA.HA. study it. Yeah…

  2. Bring an extra water bottle. That means 2, not 1. Preferably not made of glass because apparently the pool here has a no glass policy and the pool people get really mad when they cut themselves. Believe me, learned that the hard way.

  3. Make sure you bring enough bags for Cocoa Puffs because puffs are life.

  4. Find ways to stay awake in class. A nice gulp of ice water usually does the trick. If not, go stand in the back. No really, do it.

  5. Make a meal plan. The food here is, well, let’s just say there’s not enough choices to make healthy an option.  Not kidding, just fries, fries everywhere.

  6. Learn how to calculate probability and statistics in your head VERY quickly because for at NMT, those skills are needed not for math class, but for not getting drenched by the sprinklers.

  7. When they tell you to sit on the grass. Don’t sit on the grass. You’ll thank me later when your leg isn’t swollen from ant bites.

  8. Be ready to operate computers from 1998 that freeze every 2 minutes. Have patience young padawan. You will need to find the mouse cursor even though it’s bright yellow and incapable of being located.

  9. The best way to turn on a computer is to smash all of the keyboard buttons multiple times for if you press any other button, any other way, it won’t.

  10. Practice the long lost art form of creating the perfect ice cream swirly.

  11. Remember how you said you would sleep at 11 PM every night? Remove that from your head completely because 1 AM is considered early.

  12. You’re not antisocial. You will meet people and you will like these people.

  13. You will be amused by people’s accents.

  14. Pack more clothes. At least 2 weeks.

  15. The best field trips are the ones to Walmart. Buy food, not water speakers.

  16. Also, learn Excel.

Good Luck,

– Diana


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