LSPR test case

Good afternoon, stalwart and earnest compatriots.

I’m attaching a test case for your LSPR code (due Thu Week 3). Please find an input file with test data – testinput.txt.  As the problem set specifies, your code needs to accept data in the very same format in which this input file is written. Also please find a screen dump of the output of my LSPR code – testoutput.txt. Your code does not need to replicate my output lines, but if it is working correctly, the 6 plate constants, the uncertainties in RA and Dec, and the calculated (RA,Dec) position of (x,y) = (1528.0,1528.0) should be the same.

(I note that my uncertainty in RA is a bit high – I did not put much thought into which objects I chose as reference stars for this test case. Your first goal is to write a code that matches these numbers. Your second goal is to pick good reference stars in your own images to obtain the best possible astrometry for your asteroid.)


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