July 3

The alarm starts ringing……

I wake up slowly and look at my phone screen. It is 8:40 so I have just twenty minutes left to go to the classroom. I start packing up my backpack and get dressed. Before going out of the room I take a last glance. My roommate is still sleeping. I check again the clock and find out that is Sunday, our single free day of the week. I do not hesitate and jump back in bed for another 3 hours sweet nap.

Before coming to SSP I did not truly appreciate Sundays. If you ask me now, I would say that you should enjoy every minute of your free time, especially on Sundays.

For me, the third of July was kind of special. Not just because I got rest, but also because my first month of 18 years just passed. Out of this 4 weeks, I spend half of the time with some gorgeous and friendly people here, at SSP. I got to know them better, to make jokes and have fun during most of the time.

The past two weeks were very demanding but I managed to accomplish all my homework in time, hopefully. I learned how to code better in Python and I am very proud of my orbit output in Homework 3. Finnaly, we get closer to our purpose.

In the evening we watched Interstellar with doctor Andersen who was very captivated all along the movie.

I hope that my teammates (Anna and Jason) and I will have clear sky next week and get data for our shiny, fast asteroid.

In the end, I would like to thank everyone for these first two weeks and I hope that the following three weeks will be as fun and productive.

Here is the most comprehensive song about asteroids I could find (Hope it will be fun):



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