July 4

Today (as I write this) is July 4th, 2016, a day for celebration and anticipation for Americans everywhere. That’s right: it’s a day of national pride everywhere in America as NASA inserts its Juno probe into an orbit around Jupiter to complete the 5 year trek to the Solar System’s largest planet! The ‘Murican spirit was strong today, with flag-waving and swim-shorts wearing students wandering around campus the entire day:


Plenty of fireworks were seen, with large yellow-brown spheres and rings showing up in the sky representing Jupiter and Saturn. Quite a few satellite-like fireworks were also launched, representative of the remarkable shape of Juno. Many fireworks included crackling and whistling sounds, signifying the harsh magnetic and radiation stresses that Juno will go through. Overall, the celebrations were representative of the fantastic scientific achievement that our nation has completed.


And in the Internet find of the day (the photo isn’t on Facebook):

(when our illustrious leader didn’t have sideburns)



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