July 7

I’ve decided to continue my admittedly short legacy of writing limericks while enduring long bus rides through the desert. As long as you don’t mind near rhymes – or as Mathis likes to call them, “dirty” rhymes – don’t hesitate to relate to the following bits of poetry.

As a school with technological intent

You’d think that New Mexico Tech would have sense

To address the problem that has arisen

And fix their sprinkling system

Instead of constantly irrigating the cement


There is nothing more stupid and annoying

Than working on code longer than you were hoping

And when the mouse turns yellow

It is then that you’ll know

That your computer will freeze before you’re done coding

But on the bright (dark) side, our team was FINALLY able to obtain three good sets of asteroid images after being clouded out six times – two at Etscorn and four at the Cerro Tololo(lololo) Observatory in Chile. We suspect Mathis is only good luck on paper, not in person:


But despite any poetic setbacks, my irrational fear of fireworks, and accidentally leaving the focus grating on for one and a half sets, it’s been an insanely wonderful experience so far. And with that, I’ll leave you with a final bit of poetry.

It’s difficult to stay awake until three

If you’re an astronomer, you know what I mean

But it’s a beautiful sight

When we look up at the night

And become immersed in this celestial sea



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