July 8

In the spirit of the eloquent writings of the SSP scholars from Boulder Colorado:

Today was an amazing day at SSP. Even though it has only been a few unforgettable weeks, I feel like I have known my fellow SSPers for a lifetime. It is absolutely exhilarating to be around students who are motivated, not by grades or test scores, but by the desire to learn and by TA’s and teachers who are here to help us fulfill that desire. SSP is a diverse congregation of the world’s brightest and most interesting high schoolers. Struggling through homework sets, drawing the celestial sphere over and over again. Rolling the Sun, the Earth, and the asteroid here and there in the head. Being really sassy to everything Biology.

Today in lecture at 9:00, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Rengstorf opened our eyes to a new world of understanding science and astronomy, with fundamental discussions on uncertainty and an enlightening introduction to an analytical perspective of our celestial sphere. As SSPers we thrive in such an intensive and rigorous program. Together, we learned all of Calculus in lightning speeds and I learned an entire programming language in just 30 minutes. The TAs and teachers are just fantastic. The profound questions they raise and incredible support are things that I have never experienced before.

After dinner at 6:30, we went to Magdalena to see a dance party that was occurring. Along the way, we saw fascinating old telescopes and learned about the breathtaking history of Astronomy. At Magdalena, we ate delicious food and strengthened our bonds of friendship. In this idyllic western town, we got some much needed rest and have now been rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever exciting new problems we get to do here at SSP.

The bonds that I build here are strong and will no doubt last for the coming months…or even a lifetime. We are SSPers, here to really learn and grow. Every day, I am awestruck by the gorgeous wasteland around us and the gourmet dining hall. With this prodigious amount of support, we SSPers are ready to take on our hopeful futures.



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