July 9

We spent the previous evening at a street fair and rodeo in the nearby small town of Magdalena where we experienced authentic (non-alcoholic) piña coladas served in pineapples, fried Oreos (we could practically feel our blood cholesterol levels rising), Mathis’s bull riding and subsequent lithobraking, and Rebecca’s and Reilly’s fabulous spontaneous dance number.

Despite the previous night’s activities, we still headed to our morning lecture. After lecture, we donned purple, sparkly silver, and camo headbands, and the usual SSP competitive collaboration was replaced by trivia competition from which Team Potato emerged victorious.

Also it turns out that we were somehow expected to know the incredibly relevant and useful fact that the name of Simba’s mother from The Lion King is Sarabi. Caltech and MIT admission officers graced us with their presence, so we promptly interrogated grilled questioned them about their illustrious universities. Guest lecturer Dr. Penny Boston from NASA refuted Mathis’s derisive comments towards astrobiology and regaled us with photos of snottites and tales of a five-day cave trek after her first spelunking training that lasted only three hours. Open house concluded with a star party where we manually slewed the Dobsonian telescopes and competed with the encroaching clouds.

Amidst petting Mrs. Maudlin’s dogs, witnessing (and indulging in) the widespread permeation of Pokémon Go, finding out that Heelys are uncomfortable as normal shoes, and debating over the pronunciation of the word “mountain”, we continue to battle fatigue, smash the mouse and keyboard angrily when computers freeze, curse the weather deities during cloudy nights, and desperately wish for time to slow so that we can prolong our SSP experience with only 2.5 weeks to go.

Finally, for today’s Facebook find of the day, I present our very own Captain Malick:




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