July 11

A view into how the past couple weeks have arranged themselves in my head:

On bus rides away from Socorro, we spend the hours nodding between sleep and the passing world; gazing out towards the sharp mountains far across dry plains. On the return trip, silhouettes of peaks fade as the milky way emerges outside our window. Sleep or conversion is only interrupted by the lights of a gas station, for gummy worms and beef jerky await.

When I try to think back on the past three weeks, these moments seem suspended among memories of astro lectures, late night coding and random laughing fits that tangle together impossibly. Just yesterday, I was editing my centroid code I’d written less than a week ago. I swear it was written by a different person; the only part I immediately remembered were my ridiculous function headings. One of the most significant impacts SSP has had on my world perspective has been my new appreciation for Alt 3 and F5. And, ya know, some small things like the possibility of extremophiles on Europa, telescopes that can see to the edge of the universe and the nature of angels: they don’t push the planets; they kick them.

As the matrices of day and nights fill with Gaussian methods, soccer games, homemade constellations (you had to know that one was coming), explosive guest lectures, and adventures through the desert, the product (cross or dot?) is abstract. As Dr Anderson has taught us, some things are just mystical.

In contrast, our asteroid has been quite concrete. Our team, Visual Eggs and Ham, has located and imaged 1994 PN successfully three times. Below is a gif of our last observation shift on July 6th from 11 AM to 1 AM. We took three sets of 5 images with a 160 second exposure.




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