July 13

Today was the bomb.

The game of assassins officially began this morning at 6:30 and within an hour, first blood was drawn (it’s ok Diana, someone has to die first). When we woke up to the bloodstained battlefield that is now New Mexico Tech campus, alliances were already beginning to form (or “The Tribe” as Alex M. likes to call it). People were backstabbed, lies were told, secrets were spilled, and backpacks were turned into front-packs.

One person who you would not guess would be into killing is our very own beloved Dr. Andersen shown below.


Sprinkled throughout his math and physics lectures are little morbid nuggets of death. Most of his physics examples includes death of some kind, whether it’s an airplane crashing and killing 60+ passengers, firing a missile to kill a city, or shooting a monkey as it falls out of a tree. Instead of simplifying a derivative, Dr. Andersen prefers to kill off the terms. Sadly, he too was honorably murdered by none other than Jason.

Before teaching at SSP, Dr. Andersen was actually making gadgets and weapons for a French criminal mastermind named Gru. Luckily for us he took a break from attempting to steal the moon in order to teach high school students that angels don’t push planets, they kick them.

Here is a candid of our favorite mad scientist, keeping in tradition with the Facebook find of the day:


We had a blast today at EMRTC. For those who don’t know, EMRTC is an acronym with the C standing for Childcare due to the inappropriate number of young children watching a truck get vaporized.

The explosion blew our minds (bad dad puns credits to Mathis).

Everyone was super energetic.

Apparently Arian and Abby sat in front seat of the truck and survived because Arian did an epsilon-delta calculation to prove they were going to be ok. If you don’t believe me, ask Arian to explain it to you in Greek (trust me, it’s hilarious).

After a fun yet fearful day, we got some much needed rest and have now been rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever exciting new problems we get to do here at SSP! #CUBblog2k16



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