July 14


“Poetic…” according to https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types, introduced lovingly by Anna Banana.

Honestly, am I really “poetic?”

Since that word made me laugh so much… I’ll just write this blog post out in a “poetic” manner as to honor the description of the personality type.

July 14

My day started out very lovely. The sun was so kind to sear my retinas with its harsh electromagnetic radiation and arouse me from my deep slumber. What was I dreaming about? I could only wonder with my fantastically imaginative mind who delights in plaguing me with dreams of perpetually receiving error messages from the Python code.

Breakfast was in a cafeteria, infused with dancing light rays from the darling sun. As I delicately nibbled on a delightfully delectable bagel and plotted the demise of the sun’s light rays in my dorm, Rahul was brutally murdered before our eyes. The culprit is none other than the devious Annie P. who emerged victorious from the carnage, holding the heart clothespin o­­­f Rahul’s target. I gently dabbed my mouth clean, smiled at my fellow SSP-ers, and departed the scene.

The lecture regarding gravity’s rude effects on time and space went by lovingly as we listened in awe at Dr. Anderson’s enlightening analogies. I could not help but close my eyes in amazement for twenty minutes and all the while, the wonderfully abstract concepts flowed over my mind. Towards the ultimate conclusion of the thoughtful lecture, I embarked upon an engaging discussion with Canada Anna about gravity’s distortion of time and space, understanding more and yet simultaneously less about it.

Apparently Einstein harbors more leniency towards corks than Newton. I must pardon for any of Newton’s outcries of rage against accelerations that aren’t directed perpendicular to gravity’s acceleration.

Dr. Rengstorf’s lecture was equally enlightening as Dr. Anderson’s as we were raptured by the equations that summed up the birth of our solar system. Delightful numbers flowed across our visions, rendering us speechless in their ephemeral positions on the whiteboard.

Multiple students were assassinated in one fell swoop in Weir’s hallways. Their remains have yet to be scraped off the walls, and the sun was thoughtful enough to light its golden rays upon the bodies.

I had a quaint dinner and felt at peace amidst the gentle chattering of students. As lovely as the day was, I felt that it could be better without the horror. What was the horror? Oh… the lemon tarts ran out. It was very distressing.

Conclusion: the 16 personality types seems to be a very poor test for me.

Have a picture of the TAs riding a cow over the moon. Yes… it was for QoD 15.


(Graphics by Lucy Zhu)



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