July 17th

Good ol’ SSP. What a G.

God, I love Sundays.

I recently met the devil. His name is Astro 8.5.

I’m not really sure how to begin this post.  I’ve always found it hard to start things, and being right in the middle of all the action makes it a bit difficult to reflect on it. But now since I’ve found this super clever way to launch into my post without actually having a beginning, I can freely ramble about stuff.

SSP is probably the first experience I’ve had where almost every person, place, thing, etc. can be classified as some sort of meme. The definition of a meme is fairly fluid, but basically what I mean by it is some sort of definitive characteristic that can be repeated later for comedic effect. I know I’ve been spamming phrases like “Good ol’ ”,  “What a legend” and “PJSalt” when referring to some (most) things and interactions I’ve witnessed at SSP, but the fact is that all of you are so distinctive, wonderful, and memorable in your own ways that these memes materialize faster than Mathis’ corny jokes do. It’s absolutely amazing to me that all of the things we learn, places we go, people we hang out with, and most importantly, moments we share, are each worthy of being heartily chuckled over at someone’s dinner table ten years from now, and yet we’ve now accumulated so many of them that we don’t really give most a second thought. Thinking back to what my life in Pleasanton is like, consisting of stress, school, homework, occasional social interaction, and more stress, the culture here at SSP, within this group of like-minded yet fantastically unique individuals, is almost incomparable. We’ve had too many quirky and “memeful” moments to list them all (Zhengdong’s post is an excellent starting point), but I’d just like to advise all of you, in the midst of frantically trying to finish your OD, or grading homework, or preparing a PowerPoint for tomorrow’s lecture, to stop for a moment and reflect on the awesomely mind-blowingly amazingly beautiful experience we’ve all been a part of for the last month, and be as sad as I am that in about a week, we’ll all leave this wonderful bubble and go back to our lonely lives.




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