July 18th – “Sleepless in Socorro”

‘OD Season’ has officially begun on the NMT campus, unsurprisingly bringing sleep to a program-low and anxiety to an all-time high.  Despite the suggestive phrasing, rest assured that the only OD-ing (aside from that related to astrophysics) going on likely involves coffee or contraband computer-lab snacks.  Jake from IT isn’t making any friends this time of summer, and neither is the already-simplified Python syntax.  Parenthesis have become man’s worst enemy as we are all left pondering how two simple characters can cost us so much time.

There are fleeting glimpses of light on the horizon, though.  Arpit and Mathis finally developed a miracle antidote for our narcoleptic computers, and we will hopefully be putting OD anxiety to the back of our minds for a few hours tomorrow during our field trip to downtown Santa Fe.  If only someone could concoct a cure for the mysterious outbreak of lecture narcolepsy recently falling upon many of our students…  Despite the ever-challenging lectures that may or may not be competing with our Tempur-Pedic binder pillows for attention and the looming pressures of the OD submissions, we still find time for crucial study breaks and light-hearted fun.

The main attraction as of late at the Weir 128 Carnival has been TA Mathis Habich, to now be referred to only by the self-proclaimed title of “King Fishy.”  If the word “Fishy” doesn’t prompt recollection of some of your greatest childhood (or grad school) memories, then it’s safe to say that the King Fishy himself would pity you immensely for your sheltered, unfulfilled existence.  For those now feeling oddly insecure about their life’s pursuits, please follow the link below and experience one of life’s greatest pleasures to your heart’s content.  It would be wise to give yourself a non-negotiable 30-minute playtime limit, as many a student and TA have borne witness to the game’s addictive qualities ( à la “Lindsey this is important can you check their code for me?!”).  Rumor has it the game has even received critical acclaim for its riveting storyline and astoundingly accurate portrayal of natural selection.

Gaming Gold:  http://fishy-flash-game.com/  


Note: The King Fishy crown is currently up for grabs to the player who destroys the ecosystem with the highest score.  Endgame screenshots can *hopefully* be sent to nmtfaculty@mailinator.com , and the lucky winner will *hopefully* be sent their prize free of charge.

Additionally, in light of the recent heinous attacks on SSP NMT’s legitimacy and, erm, telescope size, I feel compelled to leave a short message to our compatriots at the CU Boulder campus.  Seeing the expressions of despair on our faces before this morning’s amazing lecture, Dr. Rengstorf bestowed profound wisdom beyond his years upon us eager SSP NMT scholars.  Channeling his inner Mahatma (quote not verbatim even from Dr. Rengstorf), he gave the group instructions along the lines of, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” and actually told us to, “Respond to their belligerence by effusively complimenting their redeeming qualities.”  So, given our indomitable strength and characteristic blind adherence to the doctrine of our all-powerful AD, I would like to share this highly nuanced, artful expression of SSP NMT’s sincere admiration of the CU Boulder campus’s online presence.

Friends, motivated scholars of the SSP CUB campus, please allow this post to serve as a message of kindness, an offer of forgiveness, and a sacred olive branch extended to rekindle once and for all the amazing bond between our two sister campuses.

[Title credits to Rosita, and meme credits to Victor, Arpit, Annie C., Daniel T., and Kathryn]

Alex M.



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