July 22

The pressure is real. Expectations are high; unfortunately I doubt they’ll be met.

Sounds like I’m talking about the OD code? That would be too clichéd. There have been enough well written posts elegantly complaining about the stress while being hilarious at the same time. What’s really terrifying is having to follow these masterpieces, knowing that you’ll probably disappoint. But since this is apparently compulsory I can pretend like I know what I’m talking about.

As I sit down to write this blog, taking a break from our K-pop late night dance parties, all I can do is worry about how to convey the most clichéd ‘feels’ through a sarcastic post that seems to convey the exact opposite. The most difficult thing about these short posts is being put on the spot. Do I talk about our crazy homework? Do I complain about our test cases (that may seem funny on the blog but they make up the most frustrating moments I’ve spent at this program)? Or do I go the boring way and talk about my great friends (strictly platonic of course) and great professors and great memories etc. etc.? Or should I just write a blog about how I’m incapable of writing a blog??

Okay, so let’s begin brainstorming:

  • Every post must jab at *ahem* another group that shall not be mentioned, just to see it posted with all of the jabs removed.
  • Each post must reference something prominent and funny that took place over the last week, which sucks for me because most of them have already been mentioned.
  • Must reference something stupid that you or your close friend did just to get people talking.
  • Must dedicate an entire paragraph to complaining about something. Anything. Which I think I very cleverly accomplished by complaining about this post itself.
  • Most involve a list of some sort. Well, I guess that’s checked off now.
  • Preferably contains a meme of some sort that may or may not be removed. Or a picture showing how great it is here
  • Or I could talk about my exciting day. JK.I can pretend to know how to write but pretending to have a super exciting day is too much of a stretch.
  • Using complicated words seems to be a trend right now. Maybe I should pull out my thesaurus and talk all fancy.

Who am I kidding? Not only does that sound completely unachievable but also the last set of lectures reminded me that we’ll all be going our separate ways soon. I am genuinely sorry for not being able to just conform and be sarcastic and funny. I just have to get it out of my system.

Looking back, SSP was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. It was intellectually challenging, demanding and yet allowed me to have more fun than I could have ever imagined. This spectacular set of six weeks seemed fleeting and yet made me feel at home, not only because of the large amounts of math and astronomy I attempted to understand but because of the beautifully crafted, strong bonds I have with the amazing people here. Yes, OD week is stressful.  Yes, the surprise test cases make us annoyed. Yes the slow computers make us want to break the monitors. But behind all the complaints and the whining lies true love for the program and all the memories we have shared here.

Well, I seem to have failed, but I enjoyed writing it anyway. And that’s what matters right? (Please don’t laugh at my blog post. I tried. I really did.) What I did manage to do was the Facebook find of the day! This is our one and only Diana 😀






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