July 23

WE DID IT!!! (Turned in our OD Report)

I’ve never been more relieved


…..and of course, proud of my hard work.

Cheers to surviving SSP!!!

I really like it here at SSP. And it’s honestly surprising because I’ve never been so stressed, and exhausted, and dehydrated, etc. etc. SSP is like nerd boot camp, and after I submitted my OD report, I felt like some special ops trained scientist ready to tackle science, I mean the REAL science that Dr. Rengstorf emphasizes so much. Whenever people say SSP is over in three days, I block the thought from my mind because I don’t want to leave here, and especially don’t want to leave you guys. I mean I like it back home…..but at SSP, everything’s better. But we will eventually leave, so I wanted to say thanks guys, for the awesome experience and the amazing memories.

What more can I say…. well I can say what I’ll miss.

I’ll miss the 3 hour lectures in which the only thing keeping me alive are Coco Puffs

I’ll miss the word “mystical”, because I’m pretty sure Dr. Anderson is the only person who uses that word so frequently.

I’ll miss the sprinklers, they really became my friends these past couple of weeks.

I’ll miss the freezing computers.

I’ll miss the terms: “Good ‘ol”, “What a G”, and “What a legend”

I’ll miss the problem sets, especially Astro 8.5

I’ll miss the late night coding sessions.

I’ll miss the bugs in my code.

I’ll miss the movie nights.

I’ll miss the buffet meals.

I’ll miss the precious 5 minute Rengstorf breaks and luxurious 15 minute Andersen breaks.

I’ll miss all the amazing people I met here.

I’ll miss it all.

But that’s in the future, and I really need to go to bed (it’s 2:00 am) , so I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Here’s a cute picture of us celebrating:




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