July 24: Humans of SSP

There is only one day left of SSP (when considering factors of order unity and my desire to sensationalize this post). My favorite part of SSP has been the people, so this post will focus on the people here.

32 out of 35 SSPers were kind enough to take my Myers Briggs personality survey. Using this data, I compared SSP personality type frequencies to global personality frequencies. Here is a brief explanation of the Myers Briggs classification scheme:

For more info on this, or to take the test: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

Survey Results

Personality Type Global Frequency SSP Frequency
ISFJ 13.8% 6.3%
ESFJ 12.3% 3.1%
ISTJ 11.6% 6.3%
ISFP 8.8% 0%
ESTJ 8.7% 6.3%
ESFP 8.5% 3.1%
ENFP 8.1% 6.3%
ISTP 5.4% 6.3%
INFP 4.4% 15.6%
ESTP 4.3% 0%
INTP 3.3% 6.3%
ENTP 3.2% 9.4%
ENFJ 2.5% 9.4%
INTJ 2.1% 15.6%
ENTJ 1.8% 3.1%
INFJ 1.5% 3.1%


In the American tradition of ending things with “Most Likely To” lists, I decided to do one for everyone else at SSP. To make it more entertaining, it’s anonymous. I will, however, confirm or deny if you ask me whether a specific description applies to you. Many are obvious. Here it goes:

Most likely to star in a movie where the character has a southern accent.

Most likely to dance in the sprinklers with you after knowing you for five minutes.

Most likely to have read the obscure science fiction book written by the guest speaker’s husband (who totally doesn’t like James Cameron as much as his wife).

Most likely to sing Adele better than Adele.

Most likely to write a textbook about the method of Gauss & send Dr. Rengstorf a free copy.

Most likely to invent olive-flavored ice cream.

Most likely to find a flute-based cure for depression.

Most likely to never cross paths with a donut.

Most likely to become rich and famous from ceramics.

Most likely to come up with a mathematical proof that he is the most efficient debugging method.

Most likely to tell you to mispronounce his name because only his family pronounces it correctly.

Most likely to sing opera while “semi-hard coding” (without an input file, obviously).

Most likely to be talking on the phone at any given time.

Most likely to become an expert in contemporary Korean culture.

Most likely to never break up with his girlfriend (who totally exists).

Most likely to start his own sensational internet  meme.

Most likely to attend YSPA next year.

Most likely to go to become an MIT professor after going there for college and grad school.

Most likely to become an actual legend.

Most likely to become a famous artist.

Most likely to be found hugging someone at any given time.

Most likely to wake up early on Sunday to do math olympiad prep.

Most likely to go to Princeton.

Most likely to practice Dr. Andersen’s kinesthetic learning with parallel angles relative to the desk during lecture.

Most likely to be found with coco puffs at any given time.

Most likely to compound every adjective with “-[3 letters. Censored by the TAs]”

Most likely to show up under Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary’s entry for ‘sarcasm.’

Most likely to get rich by acting in a shampoo advertisement.

Most likely to start the veggie burger equivalent of McDonalds.

Most likely to eat pineapple while helping everyone else debug.

Most likely to give you a nickname.

Most likely to take time out of her day to teach you samba.

Most likely to know every political news story before you.

Most likely to be found sitting outside on a bench at 1 A.M.


Favorite pictures from SSP:

(Can also be used as hints for the above puzzle)


Pictures from our various excursions.

So this happened (with sax music).

A trash can which is obviously not in the lab, because no food is allowed in the lab (even if it has no nutritional value and is arguably not food.)

Three seconds into a given lecture break.

pasted image 0

My favorite part of campus.

pasted image 0 (1)

Old-fashioned coding techniques that you would never find at YSPA (or anywhere else, actually).

pasted image 0 (2)

New Mexico Tech as seen during walks taken not so much to things, but away from them.

-Anna Ka.


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