Parallax Distance Determination project

It’s maybe a little rough around the edges still, but we’re effectively out of time, so it’s done. I wanted to thank everyone who put some time into this extra project. I’ve tried to do a parallax project every summer since 2012, and this is the first time it’s worked out.

  • Team Pie-thons (Annie Chen, Kathryn Chan, and Daniel Michael) for their observing
  • Nathaniel Steenhuis for organizing the data reduction
  • Victor Qin, Nick Becker, Chris Wang, Arpit Kalla, and Jason Kim for the data reduction
  • Abby Stein, Daniel Michael (again), Arpit Kalla (again), Chris Wang (again), Alex Davenport, Victor Qin (again), Luke QI, Afura Taylor, and Nick Becker (again) for analyzing the data and/or writing the report.

We calculated 2002 KL6 to be about 0.071 +\- 0.001 AU away from Earth, which is only 0.5% off from the JPL Horizons predicted distance. Nice job, everyone!




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