Flashback to July 27th

Hey guys, sorry this is late. Before I start I want to say we have officially graduated SSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But as Mr. Bowdon said, this is the only the beginning. I feel like with everything that has happened and us always being in the moment everything has sort of blended together. So I just want to make a list of everything that memorable that has happened at SSP so that we will always remember these 5 ½ weeks. Here I go:

1. Riley giving us a potato on the first day
2. The first formal dinner (remember when we all actually dressed up)
3. Sprinklers and sidewalks
4. Rengstorf’s love of trees as seen through the way he wanted us to hand in HW
5. Dr. Anderson’s retina problem
6. Cocoa puffs and Lucky Charms
7. “Mystical.” – Anderson
8. “Weight does not exist.” -3rd math lecture
9. “It’s actually 2 hours 23 minutes.” -Daniel M.
10. “Collisions are going to collide.” -Anderson
11. “Back to back world war champs.” -Nick making fun of Germany during a soccer game
12. “Have you ever been in love?” -either Lili or Afura
“Yes.” – Mathis
“Oooh…” – a bunch of us
“With physics.” – Mathis
13. “Did you get 58 minutes? Almost a full minute.” – Malick when comparing answers for a HW problem
14. When Aaron said, “There are many ways to ask someone to pass the salt shaker. One way is to ask, another way is to point at it or you could do this.” *demonstrates by spazzing out and then a couple days later, Dave during lunch/dinner did the same move to ask Aaron for the salt
15. “What do I know? Oh wait, I have a PhD.” -Rengstorf
16. “Is anyone else left handed?” -Rengstorf
*ZD raises hand*
“Do you have trouble keeping your shoes tied?” -Rengstorf
17. “Arpit, are you done with SSP?” -Jason
“I’m done with life” -Arpit
18. Mathis during his lecture “It’s obvious that I love physics. But what I really love is food.”
19. Boatman
20. “Stars do star stuff.” -Rengstorf
21. Rahul learned how to properly say Penelope
22. Daniel learned how to properly use a mechanical pencil
23. “The constant is constant.” – Arian
24. “The constant is not constant.” – Dr. Rengstorf
25. Karaoke night: Luke and Alex dancing to My Humps; Nick, Alex D., and Mathis singing to Disco Pogo
26. Jwerking parties
27. Murder Mystery
28. Dancing party and the salsa dancing (thank god for Afura or we would all be lost that day)
29. Saturday movie night
30. “Not” eating in the lab
31. The day our rivalry with CUB started, (which we are of course won)
32. The never working computers, remember how they froze every five seconds, how the mouse pointer always disappeared and everything else they failed to do
33. Jake from IT
34. Daniel’s nothing but elliptical orbit
35. Neha’s COOOOOOOkies
36. Rosita’s olives
37. Jason’s accents
38. Daniels T.’s necessary buys from Walmart (water speakers, donuts, 10 dollar beef jerky…)
39. Rahul shushing Rengstorf
40. Luke winning Assassins
41. Jason killing Andersen
42. Rosita’s gravity bruises
43. Everything being, of course, platonic
44. Arian’s girlfriend
45. Aaron’s test cases
46. Janitors closet and TAs
47. Duck pond
48. Arian’s version of taking a picture with the telescope
49. NIRO and Rengstorf’s platonic love for it
50. SOTS
51. Pokemon Go + Rebecca’s obsession
52. Haxball
53. Tagpro
54. Kwibo ubuntu and his slaying of everyone in Tagpro
55. Gucci
56. Drinking games
57. Cross and dot product, which is something you of course do with your entire body
58. Kathryn’s singing and guitar playing
59. Annie P. and Nick’s juggling
60. Nick’s “SLEWING!!!!” + Diana’s rendition
61. Epic Sax Guy
63. When Mathis giggles like a little girl as he tells his own jokes
64. Rengstorf’s slaying of “What Teachers Make”
65. And every other moment we spent together

I just want to say that these are not in order, they are just in the order that I remembered them by. SSP was one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I have ever had to do and I know it would not have been as great as it was without all of you guys. I miss you all sooooooo much and will miss our time together but I know that we will see each other in the future. Until next time… Once an SSPer, always an SSPer.



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