Question of the Day

The due date given in this table overrides the due date listed in the document:

Date DUE (11:59 pm MDT) Question Solution
 June 21  QOD1 QOD1 Sol
 June 22  QOD2  QOD2 Sol
 June 23 QOD3  QOD3 Sol
 June 24 QOD4  QOD4 Sol
June 25 QOD5  QOD5 Sol
June 26  QOD6  QOD6 Sol
June 27 QOD7  QOD7 Sol
 July 1 QOD8  QOD8 Sol
 July 3  QOD9  QOD9 sol
 July 4 QOD10  QOD10 Sol
 July 7  QOD11  QOD11 Sol
 July 8 QOD12 Open-Ended
 July 9 QOD13 QOD13 Sol
 July 11 QOD14 QOD14 Sol
 July 12 QOD15 Open-Ended
 July 13 QOD16 QOD16 Sol
 July 14 QOD17 QOD17 Sol 
 July 15 QOD18 QOD18 Sol
 July 17  QOD19  QOD19 Sol
 July 19  QOD20  Open-Ended
 July 20 QOD21