Flashback to July 25th

Where’s Bruce Willis when you need him?! Today we discovered that at least a few of our asteroids might slam into the Earth and end life as we know it. Or at least that’s what our friends at Southwest Research Institute showed us. The last couple days we’ve been running simulations to determine the possible fates of our asteroids within the uncertainty of the orbits. It’s alarming how many end up smacking into us. (At least we’ll be long dead by then)

We also got to go up and take pretty pictures of the M20 nebula. I suggest you google it to see what it looks like. It’s amazing!

Best of all, we rediscovered the healing power of sleep. This holistic all natural treatment was bestowed upon us by Shaman Rengstorf as a reward for completing the OD. It was glorious until I decided to stay up until 3 and squandered it. Oh well.
Running the simulations calls for a lot of waiting around. To pass the time we’ve had an impromptu movie night (The Man from UNCLE), deep meaningful conversations with Mathis about Germany and his childhood, and then there was this:
 I don’t know what I’ll do without Mathis 😦

-Alex D.


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